Carpet Repairing and Cleaning Service

Burns, tears, cuts & wear areas to carpets and rugs can be repaired using a variety of professional carpet repair methods, saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars. We hand re-tuft and reweave, patch, plug and re-seam carpets and rugs to the highest professional standards. Bleach staining as seen here can be repaired by re-tufting or reweaving the damaged areas with new carpet fibers, larger areas of damage can be plugged using spare carpet, once repaired most will last as long as the life of the carpet. Even if you have no spare carpet we may be able to match carpet yarns from our vast stocks.

Pet urine detection and treatment/removal

From time to time your pets will leave you with a little present on your carpet, however it’s not always easy to know exactly where Fido or Tiddles have, well… tiddled!.

Once the urine has been detected we then use a product which neutralizes the crystals within the urine which actually causes the odour.

We have dealt with many situation when a pet has urinated on the carpet, if the urine is allowed to dry it becomes alkaline and this will stain a wool carpet much like bleach.
To avoid this from happening we have to extract the urine from the carpet and neutralize the area, time is then taken to flush out the chemicals along with any further urine, failure to do this will result in damage to the carpet and time is the deciding factor here!

Carpet Stain Removal service

When disaster strikes, the first thing most people do is panic and reach for that foaming stain remover they purchased from the supermarket, saturate the carpet with foam and scrub using a nail brush!
This is NOT the way to tackle a spillage!!!
First of all, blot the area with a clean dry towel until as much of the liquid has been soaked up, and if the spillage is oil-based such as nail varnish, do not touch it at all.
Next… call Cleanerus! We have the tools and the training to deal with most stain spots and spillages including
☼Red Wine ☼Curry ☼Coffee / tea ☼Make-up
☼Chewing gum ☼Tar ☼Grease and oil ☼Rust
Here are some before and after photos of a rusty carpet. The results speak for themselves.

Carpet Color Repair and Restore Service

That beautiful carpet you had installed all those years ago is still looking good all apart from that little area where bleach was accidentally split and unfortunately the carpet shop no longer stocks the same carpet. So what do you do… replace the entire carpet?.. Wait a second! A brand new carpet color repair system is now available which cleverly replaces the color to a permanently stained or bleached carpet using a palette of color matching dyes.
This process works best on carpet with the following issues:
☼Bleach spillage ☼Fake tan ☼Hair dye
☼Iron-Brun ☼rust and ☼soft drinks spots

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

By far some of the most common services we provide to our customers are solving pet damage. Dogs and cats (as well as other pets) are well-loved members of our families.
Dogs get a bit nervous when you’re away from home and cats love to scratch. Consequently your carpet can become torn, frayed, and chewed leaving unsightly holes and even creating unsafe trip and fall hazards if not repaired. Don’t replace it! We can repair it, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars.
Your carpet can be almost as good as new once the CleanerUS Carpet Cleaning and Repair technicians are done.

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